St. Patrick Parish follows the Diocesan Policy for the protection of children and young people.

All employees, clergy and religious are background screened, sign a code of conduct and attend Virtus Training.

All volunteers of the parish are required to be background screened and sign a code of conduct before they can volunteer. They are required to attend a Virtus Training workshop within 30 days of beginning their volunteer service.

You may pre-register for the workshops by visiting the Virtus Website and clicking on “Registration” on the left hand side.

To learn more about the Diocesan policy, please go to this website: and click on the “Protecting Children” link.

To download a Background Screening form, a Volunteer Request form, or a Code of Conduct form,  please click on the following:

Screening and Disclosure Form

Volunteer Service Request Form

Volunteer Code of Conduct

To report a possible case of abuse, please contact the Diocesan Office for the Protection of Children and Young People at (516) 594-9063.