Students who have received Confirmation can earn a certificate from the Religious Education Office by viewing these 15 minute faith lessons.  Once you understand the content, select 5 videos to view with 5 different people.  You can report back to us in a video or written email to
St. Patrick Religious Education

After viewing each of your chosen 5 videos please answer the following questions:

  1. What was something new that the person you shared the video with learned or hadn’t thought of before (please explain in 4 sentences or more)?
  2. Was there anything the person you shared with could not understand?  Did the lesson generate any new questions in their mind?
  3. If there were any questions or things they didn’t understand, were you able to explain/answer them? If so, how/what did you say?
  4. Would you or the person you shared the video with like us to try to respond to the question raised?
  5. OPTIONAL — Is there anyway you think we can make this lesson better/clearer?  Would you be willing to help?

Upon successful completion of St. Patrick Parish Confirmed Disciples Program you will receive a certificate at Mass on Religious Education Sunday.