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Palm Sunday Prayer
God of all hopefulness,
God of my life On this holy day of Palms and Passions
and through this
the holiest of weeks,
when our Lenten journey
finds its completion
through pain
losses of all kinds,
through fear
and finger pointing.

Through a self-examination of
all the ways we work against you –
against your hopes and dreams for creation
against your love poured out in flesh and blood –
we hang our heads
and bow our hearts
seeking your forgiveness
yearning for your guidance
desiring your compassion.
Fill us we pray,
with the ability to turn to you,
kneeling before your grace
open our spirit
that we may take you in
let you in
receive you in
taking You in..

Into our hearts and minds and souls
Let you in
that we might turn to you,
return to you,
be transformed in you,
through you,
by you,
for you.

Transformed once more,
this day,
this week,
into a new self,
me, you.

May we become a new people,
a gentle people,
a people of love and compassion,
born anew from our deepest sorrow
through the breadth
of your forgiveness and love.
And then,
may we do likewise.
And, love.

Terri Cole Pilarski ~ Author

A Note from the Pastor:

So, here we are. On the threshold of another Holy Week… and I daresay, it is quite unlike any Holy Week that any of us have ever journeyed before. I hope you will find the above prayer a source of inspiration… of consolation… a means to help focus your thoughts as we enter into these days that are sacred to us… and that in this suspended moment of time these days we call Holy will help us to make sense of what we are witnessing across the globe.

Our Palm Sunday Mass will be Live-Streamed just like last week ~ Mass in English at 11:00 AM and Misa in Espanol at 12:00 Noon.

Our Celebration of the Sacred Triduum will also be Live-Streamed:
Holy Thursday ~ Mass of the Lords Supper at 7:00 PM
Good Friday ~ The Lord’s Passion at 3:00 PM
Holy Saturday ~ The Easter Vigil at 7:00 PM
Easter Sunday ~ Mass in English at 11:00 AM and Misa in Espanol at 12:00 Noon.

Sending you our love and prayers… be of good cheer… take care of one another.

“The same everlasting Father who cares for you today will care for you tomorrow and every day. Either he will shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace then and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginings.”~ St Francis de Sales

Fr. Seán

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