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A Message from the Pastor:

Dear St. Patrick’s Parish Family,

First, I hope this update finds you, and those you love, safe and healthy. I know that many, probably most of you, are struggling in one way or another. Don’t ever forget that you are remembered in the prayers of your parish priests and deacons every single day.  That’s always been the case…long before this crisis developed…and it will continue long
after this terrible moment has passed.

These past two months have been a test of our faith, charity, and resiliency… across the globe and here within our own nation. In so many ways we’ve risen to the occasion…many times exceeding expectations. It’s been a common effort for the common good.

As we began to realize the implications of this pandemic, measures were enacted to protect the vulnerable, ensure the health of front-line workers, and do everything we could to safeguard and protect human lives.

I wanted to send out a brief update to keep everyone in the loop, since you probably have already read or heard, things in the secular media concerning churches resuming worship. Earlier in the week, Governor Cuomo made a statement about religious services being permitted to resume with gatherings of 10 people or less. Yesterday, President Trump weighed in with remarks which would seem to remove any restrictions in regard to houses of worship.

I ask you to be patient and to keep some things in mind.

First and foremost, please do not rely on the secular media for accurate information, especially concerning the Catholic Church. The Governor himself has made conflicting statements about houses of worship within this past week…and the President’s remarks have swung the pendulum in quite the opposite direction.

Second, returning to public celebrations is, at least for the Catholic Church, not as easy as just flipping on a switch. It will not be as simple for Catholic worship as it might be for other Christian or evangelical churches or nondenominational congregations, whose worship often consists simply of preaching and singing. We celebrate sacramental rituals with many complex components, and as we return to worship, we must implement many procedures to ensure the health and safety of all, especially those most at risk.

At this time, I simply ask you to be patient and to rely only on information that comes officially from the diocese and from the parish. Anything else is hearsay and speculation. I promise you as your Pastor that everyone at St. Patrick’s will work very hard and as quickly as possible to get back to public celebrations as much as we are allowed to do so.

As your Pastor, I’ve got a number of responsibilities… and keeping you safe and healthy while you pray and worship here is one of them. Therefore, we can’t have rushed decisions or practices. We’re only going to get ONE CHANCE to do this right. We’ve already endured the deaths of a number of beloved parishioners to this cursed virus. I don’t want to increase that number by being cavalier with how we resume our life together as a parish family.

It will not be back to normal all at once. As I have communicated to you before, there will be limitations and restrictions. It might be in stages where some things can happen but others not yet. We will have to take direction from directives issued by the bishop, and we will implement them here at St. Patrick’s as applicable to our particular situation. There will be rules to follow when coming back. Because each parish has its own unique set of circumstances, what St. Patrick’s does might be a little different in some ways from what other parishes do, and those other parishes might be different from each other. A “one size fits all” approach will not work. I ask for your continued patience, understanding and spirit of generous cooperation.

So, what can we begin to do in the present moment?

  1. Funerals: Uppermost in our minds and hearts have been the families who have lost a loved one during this crisis. Adding to their grief, they were not able to have the consolation of the Mass of Christian Burial. We are now able to resume celebrating a Funeral Mass. However, the attendees would be strictly limited to NINE family members. Additionally, at the present moment there would be no reception of Holy Communion.
  2. Weddings: Most of our engaged couples rescheduled their weddings early on in this crisis. There are only a handful who are still scheduled for late June or early July. These weddings can now be celebrated. However, with the same restrictions as noted above. They will be strictly limited to NINE persons and
    if it were to be a Nuptial Mass, there would be no reception of Holy Communion.
  3. Baptisms: As you can imagine, we have quite a number of families who have been waiting to have their child baptized. All of these will have to be rescheduled and they will have to be celebrated individually rather than the “group Baptisms” we would normally have on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you were scheduled for a baptism, the Rectory Office will be in touch soon to assist you in rescheduling. Each individual will be strictly limited to NINE persons.
  4. Confessions: This is the next phase on our “re-opening” that is being worked out. Because of social distancing requirements, the confessionals in church will not be used. The unique nature of this Sacrament has certain elements that must be safeguarded while we balance that with abiding by the current health restrictions. Please be patient and we’ll soon be able to offer this Sacrament.
  5. We are also looking to open the rectory offices on a limited scale as soon as we can.

At this point you’re probably wondering about Sunday or Daily Mass.

For the present moment, with the restrictions of only 10 persons being able to gather, AND even then, not being able to receive Holy Communion, the resumption of participating “in-person” at Daily or Sunday Eucharist will have to wait. Even if half the number of people who normally attend Mass at St Patrick’s on the weekend were to return… with the 10-person restriction… it would mean your parish priests would have to celebrate 100 Masses on a Sunday. That’s not feasible and Church Law doesn’t allow for it. We will continue to offer the Live-Stream Mass on Sunday morning… and I want to take the opportunity to remind you that Bishop Barres has given a dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this crisis.  Like most parishes, given the government guidelines and restrictions in the present moment, we’ve still got a way to go before we can get back to church for Mass on Sunday. However, I do have faith that we’re drawing closer to that great day.

Let us see what the coming weeks bring. I thank you for your prayers and your continued support of St. Patrick’s. I will continue to be in touch, and we will do our best to communicate as best we can. You can do your part by spreading the word to make sure that everyone has the most current, and the most accurate information.

From the Corner of Clinton and Main,
Fr. Seán

Memorial Day Prayer
Mark D. Roberts

Gracious, Sovereign God, Lord of all nations,

On this Memorial Day, we pause to reflect upon our blessings as a nation and the high cost of those blessings for many.

Thank you for the freedom we enjoy in this country, for opportunities to flourish, and for the security of our land.

Thank you for those who have served in the armed services of our country, risking their lives for our liberty.

Thank you for those who have given their lives in service to our country, sacrificing in such a costly way for the sake of others.

Thank you for a day set apart, not just for celebration, but also for solemn remembrance as we consider the sacrifices of so many in our military.

O Lord, may we be more aware of just how blessed we are as a nation. May we be more grateful for our blessings, more faithful in stewarding them well, more eager to share them with others.  We pray today for the families and friends of those who have given their lives in service to our nation. May they be comforted in their sadness. May they be reassured that the sacrifice of their loved ones contributes to a worthy cause. May they be proud of those they have lost, entrusting their ultimate fate into your gracious hands.

Even as we remember those who have given their lives in the past, we also think of those whose lives are on the line today. We think especially of the men and women who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in other places of conflict and violence. Protect them. Encourage them. Bring them home safely . . . and soon.  Give wisdom to the leaders of our armed services, that they might know how best to deploy the troops in the cause of freedom. May their efforts be successful, so that true peace with justice might be established in our world.

Guide those who lead our nation in international affairs. Help them to pursue diplomatic paths that prevent needless conflict. May they have your wisdom about when and how to use the military might you have entrusted to us.

God of peace, stir in the hearts of the leaders of all nations, and in all who would use violence to further their cause. Change their hearts and minds. Give them a passion for peace. Bring an end to the pain, suffering, injustice, and violence in our world.

We know, dear Lord, that ultimate peace will not come until your kingdom is here in all of its fullness.  Nevertheless, we pray for a foretaste of the future. We ask for the growth of peace throughout our world today, so that fewer and fewer men and women will have to risk and even to sacrifice their lives.  May your kingdom come, Lord, and your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven!

All praise be to you, God of grace, God of mercy, God of justice, God of peace!

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